This is how companies read your emails and why you need end-to-end encryption

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Shared November 25, 2018

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all reserve the right to read your emails not just through machines, but by their employees too. Contents of your emails are for sale and scrutiny by poorly vetted actors, unless you start using end-to-end encryption and switch to secure email providers like ProtonMail, Tutanota or Posteo.

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In 2007, the US National Security Agency approached Yahoo with an order to gain direct access to its data centers and record and collect all information passing through in a decrypted form. Seven years later, the US intelligence came to Yahoo with a new request – to scan all of their users emails in real time on the governments behalf. Yahoo now reserves the right to read contents of your emails for any purposes – including research and targeted advertising.

Google has been long implementing the policy to read emails of Gmail users. In some cases, Google employees would be allowed to read private emails. Google lets hundreds of third-party developers access inboxes of Gmail users, read their contents, and even share that data with their partners.

Apple has started using their customers’ call and email metadata to assign devices “trust scores”, in what they claim to be measures against fraud.

Trusting companies with invasive privacy policies isn’t the only option you have. If you don’t want your private conversations to be exposed to advertisers and manipulative marketing campaigns you might disapprove of, the solution lies in end-to-end encrypted email.


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