Destructive Testing of Laser Goggles!

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Shared February 26, 2018

Find out which goggles to use with your high powered laser and also see how those eBay goggles hold up to a direct hit with a laser!

In this video I broke out some of my huge lasers and blasted some goggles from ebay as well as survival lasers.

The ebay goggles gave mixed results. Some did better than I expected, and others failed miserably. Although just the fact that one pair passed, doesn't mean you should trust some random seller with your eyesight!

I'll always recommend survivallasers for their safety goggles, and I've used their goggles for years. No I'm no being paid to recommend them, I just think they have good goggles!

US site:

non US site:

More vids to come soon...I've built the laser sniper rifle, and I'm starting up the explosive laser project again...