nct's tap dance show is a huge mess

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Shared July 22, 2018

this is another livestream all nct managers hate

or: The Tap Battle Of The Year(TM)


whaddup my fellow trashcans and welcome to another crack video that took me way too long to edit...... pls tell me u liked it it was a lot of work ^^

tbh i think it's so suspicious, the amount of tap dancing and beat boxing lately......... do y'all think nct will come back soon already??? i just want them to rest but it seems like they're already working on something again.. *thinking emoji* imagine they come back with a new unit plus a TAP DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY WHO DOES THAT

yea but i dunno.. have this crack version of their livestream, hope u enjoy it~~


i dont own any of this, hope naver doesnt sue me, so far its going gr8 B)

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