The Little Mermaid: Here's What Would Have Happened If Flounder Was A Merman

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Shared February 7, 2019

Check Out How The Little Mermaid Would Have Changed If Flounder Was A Merman!
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There’s no denying that Ariel and Flounder share a strong bond in “The Little Mermaid”. But just how deep would their relationship go, if instead of being a fish, Flounder was a merman? We love coming up with Disney theories, and this question has got us intrigued! Ariel and Prince Eric are one of the power Disney couples in the Disney Princesses movies. Would that still have been the case if her BFF were the same species as her? Join us as we speculate on what could have caused Flounder’s transformation — would it have been down to Ursula, or King Triton? — and how it would have affected his relationship with Ariel. We go even further as we wonder about Flounder as a human, and Eric as a merman! Tune into our video on TheThings to find out our take on this subject of mermaids and mermen, and weigh in with your own theories and fan fiction in comments!

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