PW:AA x MLP:FIM - Elements of Justice ~ Turnabout Theatre (Case 1) [Part 1/2]

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Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice

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Shared June 5, 2019


After years of frustration, self-doubt, delays, and an undying passion, I finally give you the first episode of Elements of Justice! Just letting you guys know, this takes place after Dual destinies and before Spirit of Justice in Ace Attorney, and after Season 4 and before Season 5 of MLP.

Making this fanmade sequel to one of my favorite MLP fanseries, Turnabout Storm, was definitely an adventure for me, and I've learned many things about myself. If I TRULY wanted something to happen, I will stop at nothing to make it happen.

For those of you who don't know, around the end of 2016, my hard drive completely fried, and I lost all files and assets to not just EoJ, but everything all the way back to high school. And to add salt to the wound, I was almost done with EoJ at the time. I learned the hard way to have a back up hard drive. Luckily, I was able to get most of the VA lines I have saved from emails to continue working on it. Unfortunately the one who I couldn't get the lines back was TheGoldCrow, who was the voice of Phoenix in Turnabout Storm, and was Phoenix again in this project. We both knew he would take too long to revoice the lines, due to personal issues, so I had to drop him from the role. Luckily I opened auditions for Phoenix, and picked Julius Gem, who has been very cooperative and so friendly to work with. Along with a new Phoenix VA, I had to remake a lot of the assets to work on EoJ again, which took way too long to work on due to family and school taking most of my time.

After 2 years of hardly making any process, I've decided at 2019, if I don't finish the first episode by the end of 2019, I'm quitting the series. All of a sudden, this fire unleashed in me, and making incredible process. I was barely done the first 2 scenes to finishing the whole video in a few months. I guess at that point, I knew in my heart I truly wanted this series to happen.

The hard drive being fried was also kind of a blessing in disguise. The assets I made back then looks like trash compared to what I can do now, so ultimately, this video is much more polished and visually appealing than what I originally did.

I'm sure most of you are asking, "WHY DONT YOU GET HELP?!"
Mainly because I'm too afraid to ask for help. When I started working on EoJ, I just saw myself as some nobody in the fandom. I'm no big name at all, so I just assumed that I won't get any help in the first place. But with the amount of support and quality I was able to produce, people took notice, and now I realize that if I had gotten help a long time ago, then this series would've been way ahead in the story. You know the episode when Applejack wanted to take care of the entire apple orchard by herself, and refused for help? That's exactly me with EoJ. This is a hard lesson learned for me. I'm definitely going to ask for help a little after this video is out.

With all of these struggles I've went through and you guys painfully waiting, I pray to Celestia that your wait and mine for this episode to finish will be worth it.

With all that said, please enjoy the first of hopefully many episodes of Elements of Justice!