The War Hero || Episode 2 || Gacha Life

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Shared June 8, 2019

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 SUBS GUYS!!! I love all the support I’m getting; yesterday I checked my subs count and I had 95... checked again today and I’ve got a whopping 135! I promise, I’ll do a 100-sub special right after I’m done with this series. Stay tuned!

Coco is determined to not become friends with her enemy’s son, Lucas. But when he finds out about her birthday party, she reluctantly invites him, and he gives her a generous gift. Now, Coco has to chose: her family, or her friend?

I know there were a few errors, but I’ve been staying up late and working really hard, soooooo I’m a little tired 😅 but I’m happy that school’s out! Now I have a little more time to make videos, so they’ll be longer than normal. Yeet!

And I’ll do a proper outro at the end of the series. And, oh, what the heck, I’ll do one right now. bAi FeLiCiA!