15 Pairs Of Movies That Are Practically Identical

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Shared September 29, 2019

How did these pairs of movies end up being so eerily similar? Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Yo ScreenRanters, how’s it hanging? Welcome home! Twin Films is fun concept. It involves two films that come out within a year, that are remarkably similar. Have you ever seen a film’s trailer and realise it’s very familiar? That might be due to a similar film hitting the cinema recently. In order to be classed as a Twin Film, two films needs to be similar in a couple of different factors. The main one being story. And it doesn’t have to be EXACTLY similar. But near enough that it raises some eyebrows. The films also have to be produced by different production companies to qualify for this infamous label. Even films from the same source material count. Such as Mirror Mirror and Snow White & The Huntsman. You won’t see those examples on this list, this time. But we have many more that may surprise you!

A film like Mortal Kombat is an adaptation of a video game. At the same time it was released, another video game film came out! And even another one too! John Wick is a cult favourite amongst cinematic connoisseurs. But can you name the Twin Film that appeared next to it? Captain America: Civil War also got to be twinsies with another massive film. Wanna know who? Well, watch the video! We also have the much loved Despicable Me on the list. But who’s its identical moving pictures? Well, the answer to all these enticing questions will be answered. All you have to do is...watch the video! We promise you won’t regret finding out about this cinematic phenomenon!

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