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Shared June 19, 2019

I finally did it. For Bandicoot Month 2019, get ready for my stupid Crash Twinsanity review. One of the most polarising Crash Bandicoot games ever made. Crash Twinsanity. Let’s go. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Crash Twinsanity was released in 2004 for the original Xbox and PS2. Since the game first came out, it’s been loved by the community, as well as hated - more or less in equal measure. But why? A quick search on YouTube can find you a Crash Twinsanity speedrun due to its popularity and unfinished content making the game easily exploitable, and more people search for Crash Twinsanity music than the game itself. Yes, the Crash Twinsanity soundtrack is possibly more popular than the game it’s already in. In fact, I’m pretty sure the Crash Twinsanity theme is more popular than searching for Crash Twinsanity gameplay , or this video, a Crash Twinsanity review. At the end of the day, cut content aside, loads of people love the game, and just as many hate it for the same reasons people love it - gameplay and soundtrack. In this stupidly long video where I try being funny for like 39 minutes, I cross examine and joke about every single individual stage , world , level , gameplay style , controllable character , bosses , gem locations (okay maybe not, this isn’t a Crash Twinsanity walkthrough) and assess the million different gameplay styles mixed with the buddy cop direction of the plot to ultimately determine how successful the game was despite me not really enjoying a few of the cutscenes and bosses (in particular the Evil Twins. Eurgh.). People have asked for it for years and I finally got around to it for Bandicoot Month 2019 - here it is - my Crash Twinsanity review. After my Wrath of Cortex review ages ago, I hope the wait was worth it. It was a nightmare to make. Also yes, I did record Crash Twinsanity Xbox - not Crash Twinsanity PS2. It does cause the odd performance issue and slowdown but I think that’s a small sacrifice for 60fps over 30-50fps (PAL region TV’s weren’t at 60hz) and of course the best possibly visual quality looking at it through an Xbox 360. Which it didn’t have its share of glitches, but eh, it looks as good as I can make it since emulating it on PCSX2 and any other emulator didn’t work once for me (light glitches, shadows disappearing, more slowdown than the Xbox version etc).


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