10 Inappropriate Adult Jokes in Kids Shows

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Shared August 27, 2015

TV Shows like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dexter's Laboratory, Batman or Rugrats are made for children but they still manage to sneak in some grown up humour. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
Imagine this scenario: you and your child sit down to have a little tea party before dinner. As a little background noise and extra distraction, you flip on your child’s favorite TV show in hopes it will save you from having to wear the tiara again. Then suddenly, you choke on the fake tea you are having with Queen Dora the Explorer because you just heard a penis joke come out of a furry little animated creature you thought was supposed to be family friendly. You quickly snap your head in your child’s direction to make sure they did not notice this sprinkle of perversion. Thankfully the unexpected entertainment went unnoticed by the little one.
Sneaking inappropriate jokes into punch lines is nothing new to the land of kiddie TV shows. It seems from the dawn of producing entertainment for youth, creators have tried to entertain themselves by inserting adult humor into the mouths of animated characters. It could also certainly be true that they [creators] know parents have to endure cheesy stories that teach lessons or morals, so they wanted to kick something their way for being a trooper. Whatever their reasoning may be, some creators are more bold than others when it comes to inserting risqué humor into their handiwork.
Some characters come out and blatantly say or display inappropriate humor, but some stunts are like little Easter eggs you find if you take a closer look. Unfortunately the older you get, the more your favorite childhood memories of Saturday morning cartoons become tarnished when looking back. Today’s video is a well-rounded mix of old and new tainted TV shows and their jokes. Take a look at the most inappropriate jokes we found floating around television’s airwaves.
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Animaniacs “Finger Prints”
Dexter’s Laboratory “Twister”
Rocko’s Modern Life “All Signs Point to Masturbation”
Batman“Piece of the Pie”
Ed, Ed and Eddy “Snowjob”
Pee Wee’s Playhouse “Can I Watch”
Rugrats “Lonely Space Vixens”
Sponge Bob Square Pants “Panty Raid”
Flintstones “The Costume”
Victorious “Suggestive Song”
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