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Shared May 11, 2019

Today, Caddy and his family mess around in London, play Team Sonic Racing, get Sonic’s rings out of their dog’s mouth, hate on AntDude for cheating, and pimp out Eggman in a gold car. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

DON'T FORGET - the outtakes are on at the end of the video! :D
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Team Sonic Racing will be released in late May for the PS4, XboxOne, PC (via Steam) and the Nintendo Switch, almost as a sequel to All Stars Racing Transformed, and DEFINITELY better than Sonic R. This video today will be showing off plenty of Team Sonic Racing gameplay recorded from a PS4 Pro, where the preview event in London was held. Yeah, this isn’t a Team Sonic Racing trailer reaction or anything - a full on review of the gameplay AS played by me! It ISN’T a Team Sonic Racing review, obviously, the game isn’t out yet - and for the sake of fairness I don’t think I will do a Team Sonic Racing review, but either way, there’s plent of Team Sonic Racing gameplay here. AntDude was also at the Team Sonic Racing preview, and together we not only did a decent job at multiplayer, but equally rocked out to the amazing Team Sonic Racing OST - seriously, the soundtrack was amazing. But anyway, this is indeed a different kind of Caddicarus video - it’s still written, edited etc LIKE a Caddicarus, but in a more documentary style kinda thing. I document the Team Sonic Racing trip, review what I played, and make a load of stupid jokes, so I hope you enjoy it either way, even though it’s a little different! I’ll be doing something similar to this for Borderlands 3 as well, so stay tuned. Can’t wait for Team Sonic Racing!

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There’s something special for you old-school Caddicarus fans at the VERY end of this video…..also, AntDude is a filthy cheat and that trophy was mine.

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