Not Meant For Me - Original Song

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Genre: Entertainment

License: amuse (on behalf of Abbey Glover)

Family friendly? Yes

Wilson score: 0.9971

Rating: 4.9933 / 5

Engagement: 11.15%

Abbey Glover

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Shared July 21, 2019

Lyrics :

There’s a strange feeling in my stomach
I can’t seem to make it go
It doesn’t feel like 🦋
But what do I know
It’s more of a sickly feeling
It doesn’t feel as nice
As having wonderful butterflies
Flying round my insides
Round my insides

When will I find that special someone
I guess loves not meant for me
Maybe true loves something
I’ll only ever know at night
In my dreams

I don’t wanna be everything for everyone
But I’d like to mean something to someone
Something to someone

Maybe someone’s out there
Waiting for me
How I wish they’d stop playing hide and seek
I’d love them more
Than they’ve ever been loved before


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