Why Cardi B Ended Nicki Minaj's Dominance So Easily!

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Shared October 31, 2018

Why Cardi B Ended Nicki Minaj's Dominance So Easily

Cardi B is not the first female rapper to slide into the spotlight ever since Nicki Minaj gained mainstream prominence.
Other female rappers like Iggy Azealia, Mariah Lynn, and Dreamdoll have all tried for the top spot and found themselves knocked over.
Mostly thanks to the incredible talent, remarkable versatility, and dominance of one rapper; Nicki Minaj.
Even female OG rappers like Lil' Kim, Eve and Remy Ma, and prominent male MCs have all had trouble competing with the formidable Nicki Minaj.

There is the thought in and out of the industry that Nicki Minaj maintained her winning streak at the helm of hip-hop for so long by using her dominance to blackball other female rappers.
While there's hardly any tangent proof to back that up, none can deny the fact that Nicki Minaj is by miles, one of the most talented females MCs ever.
So blackballing or not, beating her for the top spot was never going to be an easy fit for any rapper.

So how did a relatively unknown New York stripper, in a short space of time, rise so fast to almost topple the queen of rap?
Not to take anything from Cardi B's hard work. She's very talented with a unique and refreshing personality and musical style.
However, it took her just less than 2 years of her mainstream appearance to rise to the ranks of Nicki Minaj.
Many hip-hop lovers even consider her better accomplished than the multi-award-winning Barbie.
So it's perfectly understandable to ask the question:
What did she do differently from the likes of the equally talented Iggy Azalias, Mariah Lynns, Bianca Bonnies and the host of other female rappers?
...because when it comes to spitting bars, Nicki Minaj is arguably a better MC than Cardi B.

This video outlines some reasons why.
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