How to use uMatrix to protect your online privacy & improve security | uMatrix tutorial

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Shared October 18, 2017

This is How to use uMatrix to protect your privacy online.
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This uMatrix tutorial will teach you some basics about how to use this browser add-on to increase your online security, decrease bandwidth, and stop third party trackers from spying on your browsing history.

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Essential reading:

Learn about uMatrix scopes
Two ways to use uMatrix: block all / allow exceptionally; or allow all / block exceptionally
Walkthrough for first-time users
The Matrix cells

Recommended reading:
Examples of useful rulesets:


Umatrix is a point-and-click web content blocker. On this channel we mostly talk about protecting your privacy, which is how we are going to use this tool. But uMatrix is also extremely effective firewall that will stop a lot of malware, trackers, and malicious code from making their way into your device. And because it blocks a lot of unnecessary bloatware on websites, it will also save you significant amounts of bandwidth consumption.
Umatrix was built so that third party websites can’t snoop on your private information they shouldn’t have access to in the first place. Web developers can’t be trusted with their security and often times, even they don’t know how much they expose and leak your private data. And that goes for the big sites like Google and Facebook as well.
Let’s take control of our online privacy and security.
After you downloaded and installed uMatrix from your browser extension repository, the first step is to understand what it does. What’s great about this add-on is that you don’t have to understand everything. You can be as novice or as advanced with it as you want to be.
So first we are going to look at the interface and explain umatrix, then we’ll interact with it a little bit, we’ll go over some settings and then I’ll show you some tips & tricks that you may want to use.

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