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Shared July 13, 2019

Today, to conclude season 12, Caddy dives into the supposed WORST version of a classic-but-forgotten N64 game known as Glover PS1. LET’S PLAY CHANNEL = ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Glover was a platforming mascot character game released exclusively on the Nintendo 64 in 1998, before being ported to the PS1 in 1999. Glover N64 is often considered a hidden gem for Nintendo and a hidden gem for platformers in gaming, and even when released scored multiple high-praise reviews for its sound design, character design, controls and visuals. But then the PS1 version came out. Glover PS1 is often considered the WORST possible port of the classic N64 title, and reviewed terribly to boot. Taking it away from the worst reviewed games or worst ports ever moniker for a second though, what does Caddicarus actually think of Glover? As a whole - not just the PS1 version? Well check this Glover PS1 review today and find out - featuring all the Glover PS1 gameplay captured via ePSXE emulation on my PC, and whether for better or worse, it isn’t a video at all about a Glover N64 review. Or a Glover N64 vs PS1 video. Or EVEN Glover PS1 vs N64. They’re not the same title, there’s very different connotations there. Although if this review of Glover PS1 gameplay was anything to go by, comparing it to Glover N64 gameplay would have been handy. Ha, handy. Because gloves. But that’s not what this Caddy review is about today - so get used to it. He was a PlayStation kid, after all. Sorry, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy this Glover PS1 review. Glover review. Whatever. I even talk about Glover 2 for a bit (the cancelled sequel), but there’ll be no Glover 2 footage. This video doesn’t sound that good, does it? But trust me, it’s alright. I even put Glover inside a glove compartment of a car. That’s the quality Caddicarus content you all signed up for.

Let me know what you thought about my Glover review!


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