You’ll Never Be Mine - Original Song

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Genre: Entertainment

Family friendly? Yes

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Abbey Glover

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Shared March 8, 2019

I can’t stop looking at you C Am
I’ve tried concentrating on everything else

In the room F. G
But it’s impossible to do C.
Your eyes are so bright
I think that I might F. G
Come over and talk to you C
you’re intimidating Am
But also so inviting F. G. C
Let’s dance, let’s dance do you want to ?

Hand on your waist G
Smile on my face
Am. C
Dancing around the room with you F
You kiss my lips G
Does heaven feel like this ? Am. C
If only it were true F. G
Hey I dreamt about you last night Am
We’ve never even talked C
Have I lost my mind F. G
Never seen someone as pretty as you Am
I could dive into your eyes C
Ocean blue

Chorus Dm. F. Am G. C. F
Oh you’ll never be mine, mine, mine, mine Dm F. Am. C F
But at least you’re on my mind, mind, mind, my mind, my mind.

Chorus Dm
Then I open my eyes G
If only I weren’t so shy Am. C
I might of tried to talk to you Dm
You grabbed your things and you left G
And I’ll forever regret Am. C
Not saying a word to you