Volkswagen Dealer caught on dashcam

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Shared October 22, 2016

I never expected this video to get so many views....Lets hit 1,000,000?The rev was not the issue here.If you dont understand please watch the follow up.
#1. Illegally inspected the car with tinted windows when they sold it to me.
#2. Lead tech/only person there certified to do state inspections admits to the other techs they do not have the tool used in testing window tint levels and explains how he would lie if the state inspector ever asked him about it.
#3.Rev my car on multiple visits because every tech there drools over it.
#4.Confusion on why my car is being failed for inspection/multiple techs in my car for no reason touching personal stuff for no reason.
#5.All the body shop issues after warranty fender replacement.
#6.They gave me the run around for months about an extra key that I had in writing on the sales contract.
.#7.They illegally inspected the car again with the "tinted"windows after this.Never getting an actual level on the tint that was on the car when I purchased it.

*UPDATE* This video will clear up any questions after my VW settlement.
VW Settlement Video

11/16/2016 VWOA's regional case manager called me and offered to send me $100visa card.They logged a formal complaint with Speedcraft
VW and the manager at Speedcraft had "no comment"according to VWOA.
Part 2 and front Sway bar end link repair

AutoCross @ Lime Rock Park

How to reset VW service light
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