Ultimate Guide to Dune (Part 5) God Emperor of Dune

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Shared October 5, 2018

God Emperor of Dune is the fourth book in Frank Herbert's Dune Saga. The Novel takes place 3,500 years after the events of the previous Novel in the series, Children of Dune. Leto II of the House Atreides has ruled the empire with an Iron fist since that time. The Sandtrout skin which Leto had first put on in Shulloch has grown and changed him. In the early stages of Leto’s “transformation” which is referred to in the novels as his “metamorphosis” Leto was mostly human, the symbiote skin had given him incredibly amplified strength, immunity to conventional attacks, and prevented him from aging. But Leto always knew what would become of him. The skin which was not his own consisted of many interlocking tiny sand vectors Leto knew that approximately 4,000 years after he had put on the living suit, the completed transformation of the sandtrout into their adult worm phase would destroy him. Leto calls this his “final metamorphosis”

Cover art by: Devon Cady-Lee

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