AutoLocation Tutorial - Show Notification when walking near store

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João Dias

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Shared June 13, 2013

Get AutoLocation here:

In this example you'll learn how to start and stop the AutoLocation Monitors and how to combine the various monitors for greater accuracy and control.

You'll use 2 Geofences.

- Larger Geofence around the general area of the store
- Toggles High-Precision Location Monitor to get more accurate location tracking thus aiding the Geofence monitor in its work
- Toggles Activities Monitor so you can know if you're walking or not

- Smaller geofence around the store, that will REALLY let you know you're by the store, allied to a "Walking" condition that assures that you're walking by the store and not doing some other activity (like driving for example)
- This will show a notification with a shopping list when activated