Exploring My Commodore IEEE-488 Disk Drive Collection

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8-Bit Show And Tell

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Shared November 23, 2019

Take a look at (and listen to) my various parallel IEEE-488 Commodore floppy disk drives, including the 4040, 8050, 2031LP, and SFD 1001, hooked up to my PET 4032 computer. We'll open a brand new box of disks, format them, and learn about the various capacities and compatibilities of the drives along with many related diversions.

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PageTable article about IEEE and IEC: https://pagetable.com/?p=1023
HD Floppies on a 1541: https://youtu.be/1LCTDqoKYjE
IEEE Adapter for PET: http://store.go4retro.com/ieee-cable-...

0:00 Family Photo: all my C= Floppy Disk Drives
1:10 The two interfaces: Parallel IEEE-488 and Serial IEC - as seen on the MSD SD-2
3:45 Commodore's IEEE-488 cables
4:48 PET 4032, and opening a new box of DSDD 5.25" disks
5:56 Formatting a disk in the CBM Model 4040 disk drive
7:41 Reading the command channel - Everything's OK
9:05 CBM DOS V2 - the DOS is in the drive, not in the PET
9:44 Labelling a disk!
10:20 CBM Model 8050 - 520K per disk side, NOT high-density!
13:09 Formatting with the HEADER command
14:12 CATALOG and how the 1541 was a regression due to $$
15:01 Inside the 4040 - two processors including a 6504!
16:48 Inside the 8050 - DUAL 6502s
17:47 The SFD 1001
20:13 4133 blocks free: Successfully formatting a SFD 1001 disk
21:48 Commodore 2031 and 2031LP
22:43 Stacking Drives: The TPUG Locker
23:14 4040 -𖼿 2031LP -𖼿 1541 lineage
24:25 Thank you to my patrons: http://patreon.com/8BitShowAndTell
24:45 I'll cover the IEC (serial) drives such as the 1541 in another episode