All Original Calls to The Redneck Roofer - Complete Compilation

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K Smith

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Shared February 4, 2016

A favorite, underrated soundboard victim. The Redneck Roofer.

Bacation Lady, Mad Mopar Man, Deputy Martin, Angry Cab Driver, and Marketoff Call the Old Roofer, Stillwell , A to Z pawn, duncan, frank garrett, frank garret, nightmare on burton street, drug and alcohol lady, are other characters in the Soundboard prank phone call universe. Satanic Redneck.
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chinaman. Vietman, irate black man, Jack Nicholson, Bail Bondsman. Tom the Pissed Off Roofer. Respected Gentleman. Rick the Mullet Man. Springfield Pervert. Casino Man. Gay Florist. Harlem Barber. Angry Homo Escort. Chris the Hotel Spaz. Confused Old Lady. The Yellers. Depressed Guy. CVS Pharmacist.