I Need You - Original Song

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Genre: Music

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Abbey Glover

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Shared August 28, 2019

Lyrics :

I could really use
Really use some help right now
Maybe you
Could come over to my house
I need you
You don’t have the time
Have the time for me
Maybe you
Find my mind sad and boring
But I need you

And I’m crying, dying
For your loving
And I don’t know why
Cos’ you give me nothing
When I need you
Oh when I need you
And you’re lying
Never replying to my calls
And I don’t even know
What I call you for
Cos’ you’re with her
When I need you

You come over to
Over to mine
Cos’ she left
Cos’ she left you last night
And you need me now
But I won’t let you win
Let you win this time
You see my heart
See my heart
well it’s all mine
I don’t need you now


Now you’re all alone
With nowhere to go
I just hope you know
That it’s all your
All your
All your fault