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Shared August 13, 2017

Top 5 crazy silly disputes between Dutch neighbors. TURN ON SUBTITLES.
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Top 5 disputes between neighbors in the Netherlands:

# 5 Quarrel between two neighbors in an apartment building. One resident throws his entire household collection through the window at his neighbor while constantly berating him.
The neighbor who's standing outside accepts the challenge and dares him to come outside.

# 4 Powned - Paying a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Lombaard (acid fools).

# 3 Tilly Tijssen vs Conny Stammis. "Game Over" episode from the Dutch TV series "De Rijdende Rechter".
Tilly and Conny are best friends until Tilly's handyman steps into Conny's garden without permission.
Now they are fighting over a fence, ramp tree in the front yard, junk in the backyard, feeding the birds, meatballs, video-gaming and cold pancakes.

# 2 Neighbors start an ordinary neighbors quarrel once they had enough of being greeted by nothing more than a "bye", "good day" and "hello".
They feel treated like Moroccans, since they are not even allowed to come over for a cup of coffee. Petra claims that she was only seeking to make contact with their neighbors.
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# 1 Diana Brevet vs Selim Isitan. "Neighbor looking for a barn" episode from "De Rijdende Rechter" in Deventer.
Mrs. Brevet quarrels with her neighbor Isitan regarding a garden shed which is largely on his property, according to Mr. Isitan.
Brevet claims that the barn stands on her side of the backyard, but the neighbor says otherwise.
After being intimidated and feared by him she's even considering to move out.

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