10 Times Futurama Predicted The Future (And 10 Times It Missed The Mark)

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Shared June 17, 2019

Here are 10 times Futurama failed at predicting the future, and 10 times they were right on the money!

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What’s with animated shows and the ability to predict the future? Well...specifically Matt Groening shows. The Simpsons spent years predicting events like the Disney and Fox merger, Donald Trump being elected President, and even showcased Lady Gaga in a very similar performance to her Super Bowl halftime show five years before it actually took place. And now today, we will look at another Groening show -- the cult hit Futurama. Set in the 31st Century, the show has made some BOLD predictions about our future on Earth. Some of the predictions were SPOT ON while others -- not so much. So let’s hop aboard the Planet Express and decipher their factual predictions from ones that were WAY off.

Do you love Fry and other characters travel through the Tube Transport System? Well, we are well on our way to having the same type of technology transport us through some MAJOR cities. Remember Baywatch: The Movie? Yep, Futurama called that one years ago and even predicted one of its stars! There is a lot of future talk about robots in the city and while some of these are completely true, others miss the mark and are way off. Watch with us as the Planet Express travels across Earth and showcases some crazy visions of the future, including a possible title for Star Wars: Episode 9. Another predicted remake on Futurama? Shaft! And While Samuel L. Jackson is definitely returning to the role, it’s not quite the same title as we remember. Let’s travel to the future to see if the show and the animators were correct about the possible past.

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