Peter Schickele, Composer & P.D.Q. Bach Specialist

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Hugh Sung

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Shared July 16, 2016

Composer Peter Schickele has written over 100 works for a wide variety of orchestral, chamber, and vocal ensembles and genres, as well as scores for film and television. As the world’s leading - ah, make that, only - authority on P.D.Q. Bach, the oddest of J.S. Bach’s 20-odd children, Professor Shickele has for the past 50 years unwittingly lampooned classical music culture with his mis-discoveries of works for such bizarre instruments as the left handed sewer flute, the windbreaker, and the bicycle siren. Peter Schickele has been one of my musical heroes since childhood, ever since my first general music teacher played one of his P.D.Q. Bach albums in class and had everyone howling with laughter! From his humble beginnings as the only bassoon player in Fargo, North Dakota, to his collaborations with legendary folk singer Joan Baez and score for the seminal sci-fi movie, “Silent Running”, as well as his long-running radio show, “Schickele Mix” on Public Radio International, Peter Schickele is perhaps best known for his comedic persona as P.D.Q. Bach, the 21st of J.S. Bach’s 20 children, and the only “dead” composer who can still take commissions. What a thrill to have Peter and P.D.Q. on my show! Links Peter Schickele's/P.D.Q. Bach's Website: