Why I stopped using Windows 10 | 8 Major Reasons

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Shared November 30, 2018

In this video, I go over why I stopped using Windows and list 8 major reasons. I have been a windows user since Windows 3.11 and have used every version between then and now.

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1. Windows Updates - As a system admin having the computer force updates on my users makes me rage. I set the GPO and Off-Times, however it still finds a way to update at inconvenient times.
2. Windows Store - Microsoft store is horrid! It's the worst implementation of forced bloatware and a bold cash grab that just spits in our faces. Windows 8 should of taught Microsoft, but no, it had to continue in Windows 10.
3. Notification Bar - It sucks... its worthless, and overall just pointless.
4. Security Center - This technically started in Windows 7, but has carried on and just become more bloated. I want to pick my Anti-Virus, and choose my firewall settings.
5. Removal of Safe mode on boot - WTF!? I have to boot into Windows hold shift and reboot to get to safe mode? Really!?! Microsoft go home you are drunk!
6. Security - This could be a video in of itself, Major security issues this past year like the Windows Share exploit from the leaked NSA tools. I am still upset at Microsoft for wasting my weekends patching this.
7. Bi-Annual System Upgrades - Why!? just Why!? October update anyone?
8. File Sharing sucks in Windows - Ugh $C and the permissions just make me want to rage

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