15 Expectations For The Dragon Ball Super Return

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Shared May 18, 2019

The Things We NEED To See In Dragon Ball Super’s Return

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It’s rumored that Dragon Ball Super is set to return with a new series. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s no doubt that fans are hungry for more after the success of Dragon Ball Super Broly, so what would these new episodes of Super entail? Well, we’ve got a few good ideas about where the series should go from here. Some of these ideas include the return of Future Trunks, exploring Broly and Cheelai’s relationship and getting to see Trunks and Goten actually grow up. These are just a few ways we’d like to see the series go and we’ve got plenty more.

In this video, we get into all the ideas we have, expectations that fans have and rumors we’ve heard on how the possible new entry of the Dragon Ball franchise will unfold. The Dragon Ball Super manga has already set the stage for more Dragon Ball, since it has continued on beyond the Tournament of Power with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, but, beyond this, what else could a potential return of Super have in store? Could Frieza come back to Earth to once again gain the power of its Dragon Balls? Will Goku fulfill his promise to train Broly? Will the story of Dragon Ball FighterZ get adapted? Only time will tell. Until we learn more about the possible Dragon Ball Super sequel series, check out this video to see all the awesome ideas we have for the series’ return and don’t forget to subscribe to CBR for more Dragon Ball videos!


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