A Song For Aine: 'The Needle Queen' - John Early

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Shared April 19, 2016

During a session of dry needling style acupuncture at Eden on the Chocolata, Nicaragua - Aine and I decided to trade a session for a 'needling' song. So enjoy amiga!


The Needle Queen

[Bm7, Em, F#m]

Aine you are the Needle Queen
You like to needle me deep
And make me scream
And say ‘Trust me, manana you’ll feel better
I’m the Needle Queen.’

Needle out, pop and dig em deep
Feel the flick and twist a quick jolt from me
My legs kick and she says
‘We got a big knot you see.’
Pain is her game
in her Eden keep
Everyone’s her pin cushion
when she is the Needle Queen.

For needle in Spanish they say aguja
which sounds too close to the word bruja
So is Aine a witch or a doctor to ya?
Which doc enjoys putting a needle through ya?
Black magic or not
She’ll unclot your knots
The Needle Queen.

After a session you might walk away
With more pain than you came
Please explain your ways
But you’ll wake the next day
Super bueno, sin bromas!
Amiga, I feel like a million cordobas!
And I thank you Aine
I now know
You are the Needle Queen.