How We Finished Building Our Crazy ATM

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Strange Parts

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Shared November 12, 2019

You can find part 1 here:

Go check out Matt's amazing work at Small Change Arcade:

Follow Strange Parts to see behind the scenes footage that didn't make the video!

A HUGE thanks to everyone else that helped us with this project:

- Derek, Don, and the rest of Matt's shopmates for tolerating us for way longer than they thought they'd have to
- Nate and Public glass for helping us cut glass and receiving all our last minute amazon shipments
- Beau and Circuit Launch for last minute PCB milling
- Patrick for sound engineering, advice, bandwidth and invaluable support
- Idan for taking apart an atm in a very sketchy convenience store and shipping me the parts
- Ben for tons of logistics support and camera operation for hours at time
- Kevin for doing the vast majority of the editing -
- Joe for camera work on the finale
- Everyone in the ATM industry that's answered weird questions and tracked down very hard to find parts for us.

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Gear I use:
Main camera:
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vortex - jonny-poole (Licensed through
string of pearls - vic-davi (Licensed through
dark symphony - jon gegelman (Licensed through
Octadrone VI - ELFL (Licensed through
worn out - jon gegelman (Licensed through
Index - Damma Beatz (Licensed through
witness - oliver michael (Licensed through
What We Discovered - Philip Ayers (Licensed through
A Way Out - Chaxti (Licensed through
city angels - oliver michael (Licensed through
howling at the moon - D Fine Us (Licensed through
Into The Blue - Luwaks (Licensed through

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