Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas By Only Moving Backwards?

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Shared September 6, 2018

Fallout New Vegas is an amazing game. Not only can you move forward and side to side, but you can also move backwards. The movement possibilities are endless! Let’s say you only want to move a certain way though, Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas By Only Moving Backwards?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas By Only Moving Backwards? (in text form)

Just for the sake of changing things up a bit, I decided to play as a woman this time around. But, as usual, I used drained my Charisma stat and dumped those points into Intelligence. I also prioritized Speech just to make a few situations easier. After that, it was time to pay a visit to my favorite giant poisonous spider hawks. It was around this time the run started becoming really annoying. You realize how important that forward movement is when you’re in combat. Sure, you can strafe right and left, and of course move backwards. But if you want to get closer to an enemy, you have to turn around and leave yourself wide open to attacks. And when you’re taking on multiple Cazadors, that isn’t good. My strategy was to plant my feet and not move. If they got too close, I’d pull out a grenade launcher, blow us both up, and hope that I lived. It worked out okay in the end.

Next, because I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by Red Rock Canyon so I wouldn’t have to trudge back out there later. From there, I made my way to a Fiend camp, killed Violetta and her dogs, ransacked her trailer park, killed even more Fiends using my patented “blow us both to hell” method. Then I killed 2 NCR soldiers, took their clothes, and began the long, long, so incredibly long backwards walk towards Camp McCarren. Did I mention how long it took? It took a long time. The upside was that the monorail put me within striking distance of Benny.

I didn’t feel like doing the usual song and dance inside the Tops Casino. This time, I just massacred everyone inside the casino. My decent armor, Hunting Rifle, and assortment of chems made it easier than it would have been without them. Still though, it was a bit of a challenge. Primarily because I used all my grenades and mostly just stood in one spot while they all attacked me. Nevertheless, I won the day, looted their corpses, got the Platinum Chip, started Yes Man’s quest line, killed the remaining gamblers on my way out, spoke to Mr House, watched his stupid demonstration for the umpteenth time then ignored the Securtrons who were so rudely shooting at me while I entered Mr House’s private chambers. Then he died.

Gommorah and the White Glove Society were the next casinos that felt my wrath. Oh and feel it they did. The White Mittens got the worst of it. I killed a lot of people. Then I returned to the Great Khans hideout and wiped out their leaders. The Brotherhood of Steel tried to be my friend, but I got a little carried away and murdered the welcome wagon. The good news is that a Gauss Rifle was now in my possession. I paid a visit to my old buddy Doc Mitchell and bought all the Stimpaks he had that I could afford because before I killed Papa Khan, I moseyed my way up to the Boomers. They blasted the shit out of me. Everyone knows that you don’t shoot rockets at a girl in her underwear that’s limping backwards towards your base. That’s just wrong. I made them pay for their misdeeds by killing their leaders, too. Afterwords, I returned to the Great Khans because I had apparently still not “made contact” with them. None of them survived this time.

This time around, I completely avoided the Legion until the end of the game. I didn’t bother going to the Fort to install any upgrades. I did have a lot of fun murdering the NCR soldiers stationed at the El Dorado Gas Station. They died real good. Seemed like a waste of time. Which means that once again, the final battle has arrived. A Riot Shotgun I picked up off some dead guy really came in handy. But let me tell ya, making your way through Hoover Dam Offices while going backwards is a real pain in the ass. I took that pain in stride and destroyed the dam’s generators.