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Good Mythical Morning

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Shared January 11, 2019

We're challenging our knowledge on the craziest diet fads we could find. GMM #1458

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So close to the Queen Sweep.

1 week ago | 884

Estrella Casias

The pot belly joke was like the highlight of my day by far

1 week ago | 133


Happy GMM. Can we have an episode (maybe a few) of Rhett feeding a blindfolded Link, seemingly normal foods that Link thinks he doesn't like, but has never actually tried? Guessing there are quite a lot of foods. (Going to keep posting till it happens) Link's revenge can be feeding Rhett random animal livers. Please leave a like :) Thank you to those who continue to do so!

1 week ago | 642

Badar Shahzad

"Let's talk about that", Do we really need to?

1 week ago | 472

Ace Gamer

When that girl bit into the pot my whole body felt pain

1 week ago | 112

Zak D

I'm pretty sure most suburban moms have at least thought about trying all of these fads at least once.

1 week ago | 783


Anyone still stuck on the lady chewing the clay pot?

1 week ago | 183


I miss Link's old glasses. His new ones make him look like Mrs. Doubtfire.

1 week ago | 108


I feel like if anyone gives any sort of health advice that involves the word "toxins," that advice can be safely ignored.

1 week ago | 120

Marissa Rose

Okay can we just admit the animation was funny instead of always being so PC and afraid to offend everyone? Obviously we know hitting women is wrong. It was funny because it was so out of nowhere, and a doctor would never do that. Relax, you fruitcakes.

1 week ago | 25

Xhojelo Arts

What did the librarian say to his children Read more

1 week ago | 51

Madi RoseT

Seeing things as "blue" could definitely make food less appetizing. There's a case study published by neurologist Oliver Sacks about a man who developed complete achromotopsia (the inability to see color) after a small car accident. The man described eating as disgusting and unbearable, because the colors were all wrong and food looked bad.

1 week ago | 99

sean lintermoot

Shots shots shots shots shots shots

1 week ago | 20


Wait a minute... so Xenu IS a clay dieter??

1 week ago | 51

Sebby Soli

Anus Candy is also what they called Rhett in high school

1 week ago | 735

Zube Tube

If anyone’s wondering, the guy feeding watermelon to the wolves has an Instagram, it’s “kirillpotapov” I recommend you guys all follow him 👍

1 week ago | 21

Everything Ana

Lol "if you hold your food near your mouth without eating it; you'll actually loose weight" 😂😂

1 week ago | 22


"Summers only a Stone throw away" It's -30 outside right now

1 week ago | 11

DoctorHWB // Gaming And More

"That wasn't a tapeworm." -Creed Bratton, The Office

1 week ago | 15

Dawson Mallicoat

I wish they would credit the clips they use.

1 week ago | 16