Let's take a closer look at two of the buttons in my 1948 Evans Lifts LTD C.O.P.!

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Shared May 29, 2019

[Recorded 30/4/19] Apart from getting dirt on my fingers from the inside of this elevator button this was very interesting to film. I decided to do this after getting a request of an image of the workings of the buttons, and what I found was really interesting. For the longest time I thought that the stop button didn't have any contacts on it but it turns out it uses a naturally closed circuit system whereby when not pressed, the circuit is complete, and when pressed, the circuit breaks, which triggers the safety circuit to break which would stop the elevator. The alarm button (and the other buttons which I was not able to take out of the panel) use a naturally open system whereby pressing the button causes the metal to touch both contacts and completes the circuit. Overall it was very cool seeing how these 71 year old Bakelite buttons work!

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