I Wanna Be Hers - Original Song

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Abbey Glover

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Shared June 4, 2019

I’m actually pretty proud of this one hahaha happy pride month my gorgeous beautiful people !

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I wanna be her lover F
I wanna be her best friend Am
I wanna be hers forever G
For it to never end Dm
I’ll be her four leaf clover F
Give her luck every day Am
I wanna kiss her all over G
Make her feel a certain way F
So come over here

And bite my lip C
So I can feel your kiss G
For eternity
People might watch us

And some won’t like it C. Am
But we don’t give a watermelon what they say x2 Dm
I wanna make her feel better F
On her darkest of days Am
Her heart won’t get broke ever G
If with me, she stays Dm
And if her tears start falling F
I’ll wipe them away Am
The only thing I want falling G
Is her for me anyway


When they talk we say

F C G Am

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