MODDED! OTIS Series 1 (mod. liftprofessionals) Scenic Hydraulic Lift at Callendar Square in Falkirk

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Shared March 6, 2019

[Recorded 18/2/19] Yep, they've modded it...when I last came here back in July of 2018 the mod was in progress but I don't think they were particularly far into it as all the original fixtures were all still in place and a few days later when I went back again to try and get the buttons there and then they appeared to be doing stuff with hydraulic fluid. Anyways, 7 and a half months after that I come back to see what this is like after the mod and to be honest it's not too bad. The levelling is a bit sub-par but they've actually used decent DMG buttons rather than the stupidly cheap versions of DMG or any type of Dewhurst. When the elevator was first modded the buttons were labelled incorrectly - the floor numbering is 1, 2, 3 but the buttons were initially labelled 0, 1, 2 - I believe that was fixed fairly quickly though. Overall then, would have loved to have got a ride in this lift before it was modernised but the result is fairly alright if you ask me. :)

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