Sorry’s Not Good Enough - Original Song

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Abbey Glover

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Shared March 25, 2019


How many times can you say sorry,
Before sorry doesn't mean anything ?
And you've apologized so many times
That I can't remember why you were apologizing.

You can't do anything right
I say left & you turn right
I've had enough, I'm tired
Close my eyes
Turn out the light

Sorry's not good enough
Sorry's not good enough this time
You've got all the time in the world
All the time in the world
But don't waste mine.

Your words don't mean nothing no more
Go pack your bags, walk out the door.
What you crying x3
What you crying for ?

I used to let everything slide
But i've grown smarter & wiser with time
And if I had to thank you for one little thing
It would be showing me the kind of person
I should be avoiding.

Through out our time together
I was mostly hurting
And I thought that I deserved it
I'd been caring & kind
Gave you all that i had
And I realized that it's you who doesn't deserve me.


You can't fix everything with sorry's
That would be too easy darling.
You can't fix my broken heart
only by apologizing
especially when you dont mean it
And you never meant it