Today I’m Lonely - Original Song

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Abbey Glover

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Shared August 12, 2019

( I’m not really lonely today guys lol writing about the past, not the present 💝 love you all )

Today I’m sad
Today I’m lonely
Today I’m mad
Really want someone to hold me

Today I don’t feel pretty
Today I fell apart
Today my brains acting real real silly
Today ended with a broken heart

I could’ve loved you forever
Probably even more
Shame you loved me never
Have you ever loved before ?
Have you ever had your heart broken
Like you broke mine ?
You don’t understand how I feel right now
But you will one day in time

Today you told me you cheated on me
Today you packed your things
Today I’m the one who ends up lonely
You have it all I have nothing

Today is so different from yesterday
Yesterday you said “ I love you “
Today I’m wiping my tears away
Because what you said
It wasn’t true


I gave you every part of me
It clearly wasn’t enough
Now I’m left with memories
Of a lie that you called love