Sahida Apsara with Dub FX & Mr Woodnote 'Forgive'

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Shared November 20, 2018

Sahida Apasara performs her song 'Forgive' with Dub FX & Mr Woodnote in Bristol, UK
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What does it mean to be a warrior?
Do you fight, or rest, or show your power
like a pit bull terrier?

Or sit and meditate
Train and elevate your mind
Inject your positivity inna di area

You lose the battle
When their words trigger your brain
you let them drive you insane
Unconscious when you’re in pain
they moan about what was done to them
you got to conquer them
say we detest them
but we become them
we got to conquer them


For they don’t know what they do
It’s much better for you
When you forgive
Just Forgive

I’ve been round the world
I’ve seen sadhus, babas and pseudo-shamans
Speak of enlightenment, sacraments,
Men in holy garments
Say eradicate ego, but there he goes
Preaching without practicing
The worst is spiritual ego

The things we hate in other
We may become
Best we forgive
Not just with words
But with our actions

Stuck in a loop
Trapped in a zoo
Going round in circles
Break the cycle
Flip the script
Jump over your hurdles

I try to push the limits,
push the limits of my mind
Raise the energy from the base
All the way up my spine
Rewire the circuitry that keeps me
blocked and in a bind
Cos everybody knows
what you will seek
is what you’ll find

the mountain is high
you got to climb to change the view
the ones who make it to the top
only a few
cos you’ll never be a master
be a master of your mind
if you keep pointing fingers
and blame the one who’s blaming you.