Creeping Woes | Desperate Times Episode 1

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Genre: Film & Animation

Family friendly? Yes

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Shared October 5, 2018

"Creeping Woes" | Desperate Times Episode 1.

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Starring: Louis Jerome, Mackenzie Pigram, & Tyler Pilkinton

Featuring: Shea Nell & B.G. Pilkinton

Directed by: Tyler Pilkinton

Written by: Louis Jerome, Mackenzie Pigram, & Tyler Pilkinton

Assistant story editors: Lyssa Douglas & Davea Holmes

Executive producers: Louis Jerome, Mackenzie Pigram & Tyler Pilkinton

Associate producers: Lyssa Douglas, B.G. Pilkinton, & Chase Wall

Grips: Chase Wall & Landon McCullough

Assistant production driver: Cindy Pilkinton

Music by: Kutbeats & Oliver Michael, courtesy

Royalty-free SFX courtesy

Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 & Sony Vegas Pro 13.0

Copyright (C)2018 Orange River Productions.


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