Let's test BTS' nerve (Scary BTS experience)

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Shared March 12, 2019

Hellooooo :D and welcome back!
Here is a video of BTS getting scared.
Watch this video and you'll see:
Jin's swag xD,
Seokjinie getting scared on stage,
Seokjinie getting scared off stage,
Seokjinie getting scared,
and more Seokjinie xD haha and you say that I don't make videos about hyung line xD
you'll also see fans trying to prank the members,
Jungkook lying that he's not afraid of ghosts,
Hobi's life being a joke xD
and much more.
Try not to laugh xD
Enjoy! Love you!

Let's test BTS' nerve (Scary BTS experience)
방탄소년단의 신경을 시험합시다 (겁 먹은 순간들)
防弾少年団の神経をテストしましょう (怖い瞬間)