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Shared January 10, 2019

"Get Gordon Ramsay! Get Gordon Ramsay! Get Gordon Ramsay!" We've heard your battle cries and read your relentless comments for the better part of three years, and finally the wait is over: Gordon Ramsay—easily the most-requested guest in Hot Ones history—will be our Season 8 premiere! But the question remains: Will it be the nightmare scenario that's haunted Sean's dreams, or will Gordon play nice? Find out January 24—you won't want to miss this!

Written and directed by Chris Schonberger
Shot by Eric Longden and Stephen Kersting
Edited by Colin Higgins
Starring Gordon Ramsay and Sean Evans
Assisted by Bill Drexler

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6 days ago | 28,509

Steven Place

I just watched a trailer for a chicken wing eating internet show.

6 days ago | 2,095

John Flynn

We're all excited, but will they get some hot lamb sauce?

1 day ago | 94

Subscribe To Me For No Reason

This 2 minute Trailer is already better than YouTube Rewind

2 days ago | 946

Jonathan Trujillo

dude.... I thought it was the actual interview. I had already got my food and sat down to watch this. damn..

2 days ago | 583

Romas and MO

My grandmother and I are really looking forward to this episode. Well... I'm probably waiting more ;D

1 day ago | 395

Jay & Rengin

Can't believe how hyped I am from a trailer for a hot wings challenge interview😅

6 days ago | 9,250


110% the girl that was cooking was trying so hard not to laugh and that is why she was reluctant to show her face 😂

1 day ago | 109


Gordon ramsey is low key funnier than most comedians out here

1 day ago | 70


Don't let G. Ramsay distract you from the fact that Sean sleeps with a hoodie on deadass

1 day ago | 168

Jam Chua

Can we get Poppy Harlow or Gloria Borger? Either one's fine

2 days ago | 39


I'm genuinely curious to see how Gordon handles the spice.

2 days ago | 1,482

The Outsider

This trailer is torture! How could you do this to us Hot Ones? Teasing us and then making us wait for two Weeks! I'd rather you take that last dab of hot sauce and squirt it in my eyes. Can NOT wait! Since they are starting out season 8 this awesome, how will they be able to top this for the rest of the season? Haven't been this excited for an episode of Hot Ones, ever.

1 day ago | 23


I probably am more hyped to see this than avenger end game

1 day ago | 7

Wegar Monsen

When does Chili Klaus come back? <3 Love that duo

2 days ago | 8

Zac Emery

Ok, can we talk about how Gordon put the sour milk back in the fridge???

2 days ago | 8

Brian Tobias

Cancelling all my plans on the 24th. Even if its only a 30 min interview. EVERYTHING IS CANCELLED.

6 days ago | 1,491

Jesus Fierro

Now get Eminem!!

1 day ago | 8



1 day ago | 10

jhonny thomson

get Keanu Reeves,Jackie Chan ,Liam Neeson

2 days ago | 10