Can You Beat ARMS Without Moving? - No Move Challenge

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Shared February 8, 2019

Can You Beat ARMS Without Moving? Our challenge today is to take on ARMS's No Move Challenge! Today, we're finding out if ARMS is possible with no left joystick presses, no jumps, and no dashes. In a game so focused around ARMS, so many moves require legs - and we're having none of that! So, if we're to beat Nintendo's ARMS without ever moving, we'll have to only play on the offensive for our punches. Let's see Is it Possible - on this episode of Skip the Tutorial's Play by the Rules!

Music Used:
[0:00] “Title Screen [Main Theme]” / ARMS
[0:23] “Get ARMS” / ARMS
[0:56] “Character Select (Ranked Mode)” / ARMS
[2:17] “Mausoleum [Master Mummy]” / ARMS
[3:06] “Cinema Deux [Twintelle]” / ARMS
[3:55] “V-Ball” / ARMS
[5:49] “Ninja College [Ninjara]” / ARMS
[6:34] “Ramen Bowl [Min Min]” / ARMS
[7:03] “Skillshot (Phase 1) / ARMS
[7:59] “Buster Beach [Byte & Barq]” / ARMS
[8:45] “Spring Stadium [Spring Man]” / ARMS
[9:10] “Tournament Lobby” / ARMS
[10:36] “Get ARMS (Results)” / ARMS
[10:50] “Training Mode” / Marvel v.s. Capcom 2

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