Marvel Theory: Iron Man 3 Totally Changed The Course Of The MCU

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Shared February 25, 2019

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Iron Man 3 might be one of the most divisive entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if not the most divisive. While it was advertised as a grim-dark conclusion to Tony Stark’s character arc started in 2008’s Iron Man 1, it ended up being far more lighthearted and comedic. Fans were thrown for another loop when it was revealed that Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin wasn’t actually the Mandarin at all, but a quirky, insecure actor named Trevor. What in the world was going on here?

Shane Black, the mastermind behind such films as Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, took up the directing reins from Iron Man 1&2 helmer Jon Favreau. His relationship with Robert Downey Jr., established on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, helped score him the role. But Black had every intention of instilling Iron Man 3 with as much of his creative vision and unique style as possible. The final result is a film that stands out as one of the MCU’s most unique. In fact, there’s a solid argument to be made that Iron Man 3 changed the course of the MCU overall.

Following up a film like Joss Whedon’s Avengers with a more unconventional entry like Iron Man 3 was a big risk for Disney and Marvel Studios, but it proved their willingness to think outside the box. Instead of presenting another cookie-cutter MCU entry, they allowed Black the freedom to instill Iron Man 3 with his unique identity. Let’s dive in and take a look at how this ended up shaping future MCU entries and the character of Tony Stark in general.

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