Monarchy USA Version Episode 1 The Early Kings - Host David Starkey

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Shared June 15, 2011

This is USA condensed version of David Starkey's Monarchy Series. In this version the "6 episode Series 1" and "5 episode Series 2" have been condensed into 6 episodes. Below is description of the 6 USA version episodes.
The English Crown is one of the oldest surviving governing institutions in the world. Hosted by the erudite, energetic Dr. David Starkey (The Six Wives of Henry VIII), seen on public television, this splendid documentary presents the complete history of British royal rule from the Dark Ages to the early 20th century. Filmed on location, it's a vivid tapestry of bloodshed, power, and passion. Episode 1: The Early Kings After Roman rule dissolves, England suffers wave after wave of Anglo-Saxon and Viking invaders. Out of this chaos, leaders such as Alfred the Great and Canute the Viking set the standard for English kingship, ruling nobles as ""the first among equals."" Then, in 1066, William the Conqueror arrives from the Continent with the civilizing ideals of the chivalry and a whole new concept of monarchy.