Nyhtian - Go [feat. Mirrin Keith]

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Genre: Music

License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Family friendly? Yes

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Shared January 6, 2019

edit: concerning the recent events related to slazo, i have dropped any tags related to him and removed his name from the title. i'm not going to voice any opinion, as i don't want to get involved at all. i will be keeping the song up everywhere, as many of you have expressed how much you've enjoyed it in and of itself, and i sincerely hope that regardless of what has surfaced that you will continue to support me as an artist in the future.


Just music version (for ya playlists) ⇒ https://youtu.be/iM81ZdVD21Q
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hey my name is nyhtian and I produce music. if you just need music for whatever reason, my commissions are open via email. otherwise, you can just sub to the channel where i'll be releasing free to use music and maybe some other stuff, who knows.