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Abbey Glover

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Shared March 14, 2019

I’m so proud ah frickkkkkkk
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I'm alone and I dont know whats going on
stuck in darkness keep smoking till it's all gone
and i pray my mumma can save me cause im still lost
i dont wanna go back and show them that im not wrong

when I told her my mind is a masterpiece
when I told her my life is jeopardy
all she said was its all for the better good
so I prayed awake and im taking it all that i wish i could
cause my
hearts broken
minds coping but mommma
I'm so sorry
cause i cant live with drama
I be smoking and doping it in my own thinking howd it go away pull it back and call it da
when my cup was empty

I remember back when I was 13
first the time I might say
I opened the doors to see him with a bruise upon my face
hes saying i tripped
confusing my lip
is bleeding I'm hit
im rolling a cig
im coming down mumma just give me a sec

the first time i realised
it was covered in real lies
the abuse and the harsh words
were coming through his frail eyes
I told him it wasn't fair
the darkness and despair
for a kid to go through it all on his own
with no one there

when I asked for help no one believed me
when I cried at night no one could see me
I wanted to run away so many times
I wanted to see the darkness in his eyes
I couldnt have emotions because then he'd see a side of me
but then they'd burst in flames and i'd hurt everyone around me
I took the blame so momma didn't have to
even though she hated herself for every black bruise