Can We Be Best Friends In Love ? - Original Song

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Genre: Music

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Abbey Glover

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Shared August 17, 2019

Lyrics :

when she smiled at me
I feel straight to my knees
Begging please be my baby tonight
can I hold your hand
As we walk down the beach
On the soft soft soft soft sand

Can we be best friends in love dear
Can we grow old together ?
I wanna be by your side for the years and years to come
Can we fall like feathers
Falling softly for one another
I wanna be here for you through the good and the bad my love

When she first kissed me
I felt my heart beat
And I thought that my heart was broken
You must’ve fixed it
Show me what true love is
And I’ll never let you down


I’ll lift you up so high
That for the first time in your life
You’ll feel like
You’ll feel like you can touch the sky