Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas as a Giant?

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Shared August 13, 2018

For a long time, I’ve wanted to play a Fallout game as a Super Mutant. And while it hasn’t happened yet, we can come close through the use of console commands. So, Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas As A Giant?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas As A Giant? (in text form)

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time was play through a Fallout game as a Super Mutant. That ungodly strength and hatred towards humanity could offer so many new ways to complete quests and make decisions. Unfortunately, my dreams are still just dreams. However, through the use of console commands, we can almost get there. The question is, Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas as a Giant?

Get out of bed, set.playerscale 2, and we’re off to the races. And then… what? “Children cannot use that”. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A CHILD TO YOU? I scaled myself back down, set my SPECIAL stats to something that seemed appropriate for a 10 foot tall man, and took a seat on Doc Mitchell’s couch. Well, I tried to. I couldn’t actually reach the damn thing. Scaled down just a bit, answered some questions, and introduce the Mojave Wasteland to its new hero.

Sunny Smiles left some bottles on the fence, so I knocked them down for her. Then we went out to kill some Gheckos. Turns out that increasing your size also makes you move pretty fast. Heading towards the Strip, I damn near took the heads off some Powder Gangers with my fists. I also punched a puppy to death. Feeling rather tough, I thought my mountain of a man could take on a Deathclaw. He could not. Also, as luck would have it I’m fairly susceptible to bullet damage.

This is where I realized the first big issue with my size. After I ran inside a house, some Powder Gangers followed me inside. I was crouched to not put my head and chest through the ceiling. Despite that, my bullets were ineffective against them. Most likely some sort of clipping issue. Thanks to Project Nevada, I was able to open the door and sprint off into the darkness with a wee bit of health left. Then I found myself in the midst of a firefight between NCR and Fiends, in complete darkness. Another fun problem is that to loot a corpse, you have to crouch. And let me tell ya, that got old real fast. I waited till morning, blew the head off an NCR soldier and took his clothes.

A lot of this run was relatively normal, so I won’t waste your time by going over every little detail. I fought more Fiends, stopped for a photo op with an NCR soldier, got inside the Strip, stopped for a photo with Victor, looked down on Benny, literally, as he tried to weasel his way out of me ripping his spine out through his mouth, punched some gangsters in the head, took a photo with their bodies, met Yes Man, bought a neat new gun, found a Lucky 38 key card because me no good at computer, got into a lengthy firefight with the Securitrons protecting Mr House in which I slowed down time, blasted them with a grenade launcher, a lot, and dropped some grenades at Victors feet, er, wheel. I also got this fucking cool slow-mo shot of me murdering Mr House.

Next, I introduced myself to the various factions as required by Yes Man. I met the White Glove Society, the Omertas at Gomorrah, got another sweet action shot after I sliced up some Fiends, used a golf club to violently boot the snoot of some neighborhood dogs, then blew up their friends, I tried to exterminate the Khans only to re-discover that fun little issue where my gigantic frame prevents me from hurting anyone in certain buildings. It was at that point I decided that I wasn’t leaving until somebody died, even if it was me. Again I learned me a good lesson about how mean Deathclaws are. I had a hell of a time trying to talk to Elder McNamara. Short little bastard. I found myself a cool new hat this this dead guy wasn’t using anymore and took another postcard worthy picture.

Not long after dawning my new hat, I discovered another annoying flaw with being a giant. The bigger you are, the faster you move, but fall damage remains the same. You can run off a cliff so fast that you go out far enough that you’ll die from the fall. Because I did. A reloaded save and another photo op later, and I’m off the the Fort. First I played around with the idea of being Jesus, then the Fort.


God Usopp

Benny saying, “What in the goddamn...?” takes on a whole new meaning now

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The G Podcast PSVR/PS4 Reviews

Benny stared at the giant figure stomping towards him. It was at least 10 feet tall, a size that would rival that of a super mutant, likely with a brain just as small. It wore an eye patch and had a grimace that haunted him. Something about it seemed familiar. As it got closer, Bennys memory came back to him. He hadn't just seen this "person" before, he was the one to put him in the ground. It was that courier, but it was twisted and made into a monster. But how? Was there enough radiation in that shallow grave to bring them back to life? He was sure he shot it right in the head, and he was there to witness the whole burial. Bennys mind was going a mile a minute; How was it revived? How did it get to New Vegas so fast? Why didn't the damn robots take it out? How was it able to get a pass into this part of Vegas? How long until his men can back him up? Would he be able to smooth talk his way out of this one? It was getting closer. Should he just shoot it? Too late...He looked up at the monstocity above him, Benny quickly realized what was going happen, and could only utter one last sentence before his death: "What in the goddamn...?" it turns out
The game was rigged from the start.

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Jarham The Friendmaker

Can you beat Fallout New Vegas as a Leg?

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Paul : “I set my special stats for something that seemed appropriate for a 10ft tall man.”

10ft tall man :
can see for miles due to much increased height

Paul :
sets perception to 3


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Random Me

"Degenerates like you belong on a...Giant cross."

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Fallout New Vegas, but after every kill you get slightly smaller

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Can you beat Fallout New Vegas as the city of New Vegas?

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"Can you beat New Vegas by only delivering mail"

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Can you beat FNV after being shot in the head?

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Can you beat fallout new Vegas as a bottle of Sunset Sasparilla

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That slow mo murder was the kneecaps of the beecaps

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Can you beat fallout new Vegas when it’s constantly at 1 FPS

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Can you beat fallout new vegas by only using ranged weapons? Can you beat the game with every NPC accept for Doc Michel immediately hostile towards you? Can you beat the game without using any armor or clothes once so ever? Can you beat the game relying only on the gun you get from the start of the game? Can you beat the game without subtitles and without sound?

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now do it as a tiny person

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Can you beat Fallout New Vegas without playing?

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daniel lee

Memo: Being Giant...Won't make you win over...Deathclaw..At level 3...Check.

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next cen you beat fallout new vegas as the courier

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" complete darkness."

Does your Pipboy light not work when you increase and decrease size?

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“Found a Lucky 38 keycard, because me no good at computer.”

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