Can You Beat Bioshock With Only A Wrench?

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Shared April 26, 2019

While Bioshock is well over a decade old, it’s still a phenomenal game. The assortment of weapons and Plasmids allow for various different ways to play through the game. But one weapon is… less formidable than machine guns or flames fired from your hands. Can You Beat Bioshock With Only A Wrench?

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Can You Beat Bioshock With Only A Wrench? (in text form)

After an unfortunate plane crash in which I’m sure all the other passengers got safely rescued and didn’t drown while suffering from 3rd degree burns, I found a Lighthouse, entered the magic bubble, rode that bubble down into the bowels of Rapture, and nearly got got from within my bubble. Luckily there’s mysterious revolutionary named Atlas to guide me through this subaquatic nightmare world.

Unlike other similar weapon-restricted challenges I’ve done in other games, the Wrench is the first weapon you get in Bioshock, so you don’t have to try to get through any portion of the game without attacking any Splicers. Pick up the wrench, kindly break a small barrier, avoid a flaming couch, and combat is initiated for the first time. The Thuggish Splicer isn’t at all difficult to kill, especially on Easy. After being lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Mr Bubbles, I awaken with new found electrical powers which must be used to open a door. Allow me to make clear what I mean when I say “With Only A Wrench” in the video title. Plasmids can be used, but the only way I can damage an enemy is with my wrench. I can’t shock them, light them on fire, shoot them, or anything like that.

My first thought was to drain myself of EVE every time I pick up a Hypo, but it quickly became obvious that that would not be practical to do throughout the entire game. Then Atlas explained what my goal is: Find his family in Neptune’s Bounty. I tried to leap off the railing to get a surprise hit on the Splicer below, but it didn’t work. He will always be known as the one that got away.

I ended a loving mother and admired her adorable little handgun, saw a ghost in the bathroom, entered the Footlight Theater, and got an up close look at how Big Daddy deals with those who wish to do harm to their Little Sisters. It might look brutal, but that Splicer actually got a pretty quick death. I pushed onward and fought a Leadhead Splicer. These are tough, as they take 3 solid wacks to kill. The door to Neptune’s Bounty closed, forcing me to fight even more Splicers. You’re supposed to electrocute their puddle, but I couldn’t do that. Andrew Ryan then introduced himself to me and sent some goons to end me. I wanted to see them try, but they couldn’t even break the glass. Then again, I couldn’t either and I just survived a plane crash.

I had to go through the Medical Pavillion to get to find another entrance to Neptune’s Bounty. It was here I did the first hacking minigame. I hacked a Security Bot then immediately destroyed it because it’s not a wrench. After a momentary setback, I flipped a switch and was inside Medical Pavillion proper, where I saw another ghost, learned how to ring a bell, fought the toughest enemy yet in the form of a turret, then fought a Nitro Splicer that was even harder to kill, got the Incinerate Plasmid, and was off to kill Doctor Steinman. I used my fire fingers to clear a path, someone forgot to pay their electric bill, I almost got stabbed with a knife, found the Telekenisis Plasmid and was off to kill Doctor Steinman, for realsies this time. Telekenisis allowed me to catch a grenade in mid air, I’m not sure why grenades come in cans but whatever, and I saw Doctor Steinman. He seems like a nice guy. His art is a little out there for my taste, though.