Crispr Cas9 & Fluorescent Yeast: Genetic Engineering at Home

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Shared February 13, 2018

Genetic engineering with Crispr Cas9 - no longer confined to the lab!

This video demonstrates the 'Bacterial CRISPR and Fluorescent Yeast Combo kit' from the company The Odin. The Yeast is engineered using a plasmid, so you get to see a more conventional method along with Crispr Cas9.

Special Thanks to Dr. Karen Maxwell.

Link to the kit from The Odin:

What is CRISPR? (video by Bozeman Science)

Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9 (video by McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT)

More Crispr Cas9 Info:

More info on Plasmids:

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