So, Musty challenged me to a 1v1...

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Shared July 13, 2019

We're back with my favorite series on the channel. How will I perform against arguably the best non-pro Youtuber?


I've always wanted to start a series where I play against various different Rocket League YouTubers while talking to them on Discord. This is a great way to collaborate with these content creators and at the same time, getting to know each one of them better. The first one, against Linkuru, includes a lot of banter due to the fact that I know him really well. The one against Sunless Khan is less tryhard and more about the conversation. That was a little teaser for how some games could look. Today, we play against Musty (amustycow), the creator of the well known Musty Flick. Being Top 100 is no stranger to this guy. And once again, it was my opponent who directly challenged me, let's see how this turns out! Please leave feedback regarding the style of this and if you enjoyed it. Next up, I'm thinking about playing JonSandman, the final part of the video is dedicated to him. Another way I could implement this is to play against Pro Players like Squishy, Lethamyr, JHZER, Scrubkilla etc. and commentate them afterwards. What do you think?

Next video will again focus dribbles, fakes and more as well as the beloved fails and funny moments. I tried to shift my focus on ball resets, no flips, triple plays and more of freestyling in general, so if I can, I will be releasing a Funny Moments video next.

#MERTZY #RocketLeague #RL1v1Challenge


Thank you to my Gold Patrons, you guys are IT, you know... it!!

Mr A L Connor

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