14 Detective Riddles 95% of Adults Can't Crack

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Shared September 22, 2019

Hey guys! Wanna feel like a real detective? Yeah, we all love detective stories where policemen investigate the most challenging cases. And we bet you dreamed of catching criminals in your childhood. Okay, it's time to test yourself!

In one small town, there lived 3 neighbors, Mr. Black, Mr. Brown, and Mr. White, quite a colorful trio. Which one stole a necklace from the town's only jewelry store? Honestly, I have no clue! But maybe you do? Here are some tricky riddles you'll have to crack to earn the title of The World's Best Detective! Only the most attentive people can do it!

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The Missing Jewelry 0:30
The Insomniac 1:23
An Accident on a Cruise Ship 2:06
A Missing Soccer Coach 3:17
A Friendly Hitchhiker 4:06
An Embarrassing Mistake 5:15
A Pencil on the Floor 6:08
A Strange Number 6:38
A Missing Exit 7:02
A Horrible Ladder 7:44
First Light 8:23
Mysterious Patients 8:54
A Safe Place 9:30
The First One 10:20
Your results 10:51

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- It was Mr. and Mrs. Smith's wedding anniversary. Mrs. Smith was going to put on diamond earrings her husband gave her for their wedding. But when she opened her jewelry box, she was shocked to see that the earrings were missing! She called her teenage daughters, Dora and Laura. Which girl is lying?
- A man was exhausted after a long work day. But when he finally nestled down in his bed, he couldn't fall asleep! He tossed and turned until, eventually, he picked up his cell phone, dialed a number, listened to several long tones, and hung up. After that, he immediately fell asleep. How so?
- Most passengers stayed in their cabins since they were all seasick from the huge waves. But suddenly, the officer heard a strange noise coming from the deck. He rushed there and found a man lying unconscious on the floor. When the man came around, he told Larson that he’d been on his way back to his room when somebody hit him on the head and took his money and phone. Who was that?
- One day, a famous soccer coach went missing right from the locker room. The detective has 3 suspects, and all of them are from the coach's team. Who’s the kidnapper?
- Five people were asked to step over a pencil that was lying on the floor. But not one of them managed to do it. What was the problem with this seemingly simple task?
- You have 10 seconds to figure out in what situation do you look at the number 2 but say “10”?
- Once upon a time, a princess was locked in a room on top of a tall tower. She found out that she could escape only through the fourth door. The problem is, there were only 3 doors in the room! How could she find door #4?
- You’ve been kidnapped by a crazed riddler! You find yourself at the bottom of a deep well. You try to climb up the walls, but they’re too slippery. The only way to escape is a ladder with razor-sharp blades instead of regular rungs. How can you climb the ladder and get to safety without any injuries?
- You come into a pitch-dark room. You know that there’s a gas stove, a candle, and a kerosene lamp in this room. Luckily, you have a box of matches in your pocket. What will you light first?
- Two drivers, Chris and James, were both taken to the hospital. Chris had a sprained shoulder, and James was badly bruised. At the same time, their cars weren't damaged at all. You have 10 seconds to figure out what happened to these guys.
- You're walking through the forest and suddenly see a crossroad with a man standing right in the middle. One road leads to a village where a mob of bad guys live, and the other - to a safe place. You don't know whether this person is a bad guy, but you can ask him one question in order to get to safety. Which question should you ask?
- Two people are walking toward each other. They’re both males, the same age, and have similar job positions. Who will be the first to greet the other one?

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